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Friday, 13 March 2015

Why diet and lifestyle won't cure your cancer, part 1

I'm a cancer survivor.
I don't like playing that card, and I'm getting it out of the way quickly. The reason I find it necessary to mention at all is to illustrate a point: I get it.
I didn't go through radiotherapy or chemotherapy, as far as cancers go mine was quite tame and was fully removed by a partial colectomy (removal of part of my large intestine). I may not understand what it's like to endure a more severe cancer, but I do understand one thing:
I understand what it's like to receive a diagnosis which potentially means the end of your life. I know what it feels like to have an appendix forcibly added to every one of your future dreams and aspirations which reads:
*If I survive the cancer
This is a terrible thing to happen and many, in their desperation, turn to anything and everything which could possibly give them an edge against their disease.
A woman died recently because her cancer was not like mine, hers was very bad. Traditional radiotherapy and chemotherapy failed and the only remaining solution was a disfiguring and disabling amputation. In disgust of this procedure, the woman turned desperately to a therapy which revolved around dietary and lifestyle changes for a cure; something which ultimately led to her death.
I will say no more on her case, and I encourage any readers to hold comments; there is no use ridiculing her situation or decisions now.

This and the next two subsequent posts are not an attack on people like this woman, nor are they an attack on the procedures and those who claim their effectiveness.
This is simply a description of exactly what it is they're trying to treat and why the proposed 'cures' can't possibly work.

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